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The Laughter Network

The Laughter Network is a source of daily happiness that combines these two key ideas to help people improve their mental well being:

People make people laugh + Forming a regular habit = Improved mental well being.

The initiative consists of a box of 30 tea bags and the app Layar*, which creates interactive print through the use of augmented reality. Attached to each tea bag is a tag. These tags are scanned using the app with the help of augmented reality technology, to reveal a corresponding video. The linked videos range from people laughing, telling jokes, babies laughing and the like. It allows users to enjoy a quick snippet of laughter to start their day, take a break and boost their mood.

*The Laughter Network is in no way commercially associated with Layar

  • Client: Public
  • Brief: Design a way for people who experience low mood to facilitate positive behaviours in their everyday routine
  • Year: 2013

The Laughter Network
The Laughter Network