Graphic Design & Illustration

The Amazing Meerkat Race

In collaboration with Edinburgh Zoo, the brief required a celebratory piece for the opening of the Meerkat enclosure.

Burrowing is an essential aspect of meerkats’ daily life. Their burrows are extensive tunnel-and-room systems that keep them cool in the extreme heat and protected from predators. Also they are used by the females when giving birth. The act of burrowing is also used for foraging.

The meerkat species is adapted for burrowing and have a special membrane that covers their eyes to protect them while burrowing. Their ears also close to keep out the sand while at work. Furthermore, having four long toes and nonretractable claws on each foot help them dig.

In light of this, my celebratory piece is an app centred on the fundamentality of burrowing. Players must create a burrowing movement to make the meerkat run.

  • Client: Edinburgh Zoo
  • Brief: Celebratory piece for meerkat enclosure
  • Year: 2013