Graphic Design & Illustration

'I remember' zine

Lake Victoria Disability Centre is a charity in Musoma, Tanzania that supports disabled youths by teaching them practical skills. Their next aim is to construct an outdoor adventure playground for the centre, using locally sourced and recycled materials.

To raise money for this playground, we have created 'I remember'. The zine is inspired by memories of outdoor play, filled with personal stories, illustrations and a fold out poster.

The zine is a limited run of 35 copies, hand screen printed. All the proceeds will go towards the construction of the LVDC playground.

'I remember' zine is available
- Online at: Big Cartel
- In store at: Analogue Books 39 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, EH1 2QB

  • Client: Lake Victoria Disability Centre
  • Brief: Outdoor playground fundraising
  • Collaboration: Olena Kostrikina
  • Year: 2013-14