Graphic Design & Illustration

EUSA By-Election

The brief called for a rebranding of the gym located at the King's Building Campus of the University of Edinburgh.

The challenge was how to market this budget gym in accurately and in a manner that conveys the character of the organisation that runs it (Edinburgh University Students' Association, EUSA). The solution involved creating vignettes made from felt, along with the tag line 'Your Local Gym' which conveyed a community-centred campaign. The distinctive style of the images coincided with the playful and approachable character of EUSA and made it distinct from competitor gyms.

The logo was inspired by the science-dominant subjects taught at King's Buildings, executed using an over-rule and stacked type.

  • Client: Edinburgh University Students' Association, King's Buildings Gym
  • Brief: Rebrand the King's Building Gym and create a promotional campaign for the 2014-15 academic year
  • Collaboration: Julie Ritchie
  • Year: 2014

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