Graphic Design & Illustration

ISTD: Protest

“The Royal Institution for Democratic Practice is a non-profit initiative aimed at increasing public awareness of information control in democratic societies. We understand the subtlety of these methods of control and hope to shed light on them through our campaign. We believe that community action plays an essential role in making a difference in combating information control today .” The Royal Institution for Democratic Practice

The visual concept represents the conflicting dialogue between the theoretical conception and practical application of democracy with regards to manufactured consent. This is communicated through The Royal Institution of Democratic Practice and a series of documents sent by them. The chosen format symbolises democracy in theory. The content communicates the protest against democracy in practice.

The call to action was in the form of a ballot, which gave users the choice between accepting the current conditions or deciding to make a change. The latter required them to tear and paste the ballot in a public space to raise awareness of information control in democracies.

  • Brief: What issues are you passionate about? How can you use your emerging skills as a graphic designer to campaign on behalf of an under-represented group? Produce something that engages your target audience with your chosen issue.
  • Year: 2014