Graphic Design & Illustration

EUSA By-Election

At present, there is an observed apathy amongst students towards student politics. The aim of this solution was to engage and encourage students to run and vote in the 2014 by-elections.

The solution was based on redefining the word 'run' through popular song lyrics. The run campaign used lyrics from Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run as a play on the word 'run', while the vote campaign used Madonna's Express Yourself within a voting context. Use of playful, illustrated hand type convey an approachable tone of voice suitable to its student audience, engaging them in student politics in a non-confrontational and fun manner.

  • Client: Edinburgh University Students' Association
  • Brief: To create an engaging and unique campaign to encourage University of Edinburgh students to run and vote in their annual by-election
  • Year: 2014

Born to run
Run and Vote campaigns