Graphic Design & Illustration

Bear Alphabites

The brief was to bring the alphabet to life on the back of Bear's Alphabites Cereal.

The concept was to teach children about the different types of natural environments around the world and the bears that live in them. This is achieved through a series of 6 cereal boxes, illustrating a journey from one continent to another in the form of a game. Its aim is to get the bear from the starting content to their home continent.

Each box includes two bear ‘counters’ made out of removable stickers. This allows one or more children to participate on a single cereal box. The child moves the bear along the board by completing each of the tasks listed in each square (which is moderated by the parent(s).

Submitted to YCN Student Awards 2014

  • Brief: YCN: Bear Alphabites
  • Year: 2014